About us


About Maine Marine Service:

Maine Marine Service was born out of a love for boating by Dave Tuck, owner and operator of Maine Marine Service.  Even on your first visit to Maine Marine Service, Dave's passion and dedication for everything boating is clearly evident.

Dave Tuck's love for boating began, like so many Mainers, at a very early age by just looking out the window and appreciating the scenic views Maine has to offer.

After completing his formal education in the Landing School of Boat-Building and Design, Dave Tuck traveled to Australia, where he attended the Australia Naval Architect School, and gained hands-on knowledge of "Aussie Design" and boat construction techniques.

Dave then came back to Maine where he settled in the Belfast area and set up shop. It was here where Dave played a major role in the rebuild of the 3 1903 Buzzard Bay 30's, built at French and Webb. These boats were completed and launched in 2008.

His expertise in the field of boat-building, combined with great style and attention to detail has earned his boatyard a "boutique" status, catering to the most hard to please clients.

Evidence of his unique craftsmanship and ability to deliver outstanding results can be seen in the photo gallery.

A message from Dave Tuck, owner and operator:

"When in Maine take a minute to visit our shop for all your boating needs. If we don't have it, we know where to get it! - and don't forget our style may be casual but the workmanship is always elegant!"